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Manuskrypt Koranu MS.474

Manuskrypt Koranu MS.474.2003 z 8-smego wieku, fotografia z muzeum sztuki Islamskiej w Doha

Manuskrypt Koranu MS.474.2003 z 8-smego wieku, posiada 13 całkowitych różnic w odróżnieniu od współczesnego tekstu arabskiego Koranu Islamskiego.

MS.474.2003 (8r):"signs for you (plural) if you (plural) believe" versus Hafs Q6:99: "signs for a people who believe"

MS.474.2003 (8r): bihi follows first occurrence of "fa-akhrajna," but inserted after second "fa-akhrajna." [unclear whether 3:43 slide of Hafs is pointing to the first or second occurrence of "from it" as we can see another occurrence to the left of the green boxed Arabic text. Brubaker or someone needs to explain this better.]

MS.474.2003 (8r): does not contain third person singular [translation and significance needed] Hafs: contains third person singular "their fruit, when they bear"

MS.474.2003 (8r): 'alif erased changing "allah" to "lillahi" conforms to Hafs reading "to Allah." Allah as object (accusative form) not found anywhere in Quran.

MS.474.2003 (8r): yashrikun is written first. Then second scribe changes text but does not erase the extra letters. Hafs: yashrifun?? [unclear what word is spoken by Brubaker. Writing all Arabic terms used would have been better.]

Hafs has one more tooth (short upwards stroke) than MS.474.2003 (8r) [discussion requested]

MS.474.2003 (8r): present continuous active voice - "that which he is revealing" Hafs: present perfect passive voice - "that which has been revealed to you"

MS.474.2003 (8r): ashrakna - "Had Allah willed they would not have ascribed partners to Us" Hafs: "Had Allah willed they would not have been polytheists."

MS.474.2003 (8r): "a watcher over him/it ['alayhi]" Hafs: "We have not appointed you a watcher over them ['alayhim]."

MS.474.2003 (8r): 'alif Hafs: no 'alif

MS.474.2003 (8r): Q6:105 - 'alif inserted; Q6:106 - erasure, possibly a "waw"

MS.474.2003 (8r): q6:110 - "plunged" as in Q6:91 Hafs: Q6:110 - "insolence"